Custom Leaf Spring Manufacturing & Repair

Leaf springs are actually one of the oldest types of springs, first used by the ancient Romans for their chariots, and then in medieval times for horse-drawn carts and carriages. They were standard in the suspension of cars and trucks as recently as the 1970s as well. Today, many light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles—from trucks to trains—continue to use them for their strength and durability. At Best Deal Springs, we’ve been operating Utah’s most trusted leaf spring shop for more than 65 years, and it’s still the core of our company. When we originally opened our leaf spring shop in 1950, we were located in Lindon, Utah. We’ve since relocated our headquarters and leaf spring shop to Payson, Utah, but our capabilities remain the same.

We don’t just stock the West’s largest selection and variety of standard leaf springs for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. We also specialize in the custom design, manufacture, and repair of all types of leaf springs as well at our full-service leaf spring shop in Payson, UT. Whether it’s producing a new spring for your custom application or repairing your existing leaf springs to save you money, Best Deal Springs is the West’s trusted partner.

How Do Leaf Springs Work?

Heavy-Duty Leaf Spring, UtahAs one of the simplest and most robust forms of springs, leaf springs have remained a popular, cost-effective choice for everything from light truck suspensions to heavy-duty equipment and beyond. They’re made using one or multiple layers of curved spring steel. The length, width, and thickness of the leaves, as well as the number of leaf layers, will all factor into their stiffness and compression travel. A leaf spring generates its strength by combining the flex of each leaf with the friction between each layer of leaves. They can be used in many configurations and applications, from helping to absorb shock at each wheel of a vehicle to damping vibrations in large industrial equipment and much more.

How We Make Custom Leaf Springs

At Best Deal Springs, we employ highly experienced technicians at our Payson, Utah leaf spring shop. To produce custom leaf springs, we start with a detailed design. Our expert team consults closely with the customer to gain an exact understanding of their unique application and specifications. We rely on our expertise to create a custom leaf spring design that will perform as needed and stand the test of time. Then, our team gets to work building the new spring. We start with the highest quality spring steel available. Our expert technicians layer the leaves, arch them, and attach the needed clips, bolts, eyes, bushings, and other hardware.

We’re also capable of modifying our customers’ existing leaf springs to increase spring capacity and suit new applications. Once the new custom leaf spring is ready, we can either install it for the customer at our 4-bay large truck maintenance shop in Payson, UT or ship it directly to the customer anywhere in the western U.S.A.

Cost-Effective Leaf Spring Repair & Rebuilding

add-a-leaf diagramBecause leaf springs are so simple, they’re usually fairly easy to repair or rebuild. Over time, a leaf spring can weaken, sag, rust, or become fatigued, failing to provide the needed stiffness after years of hard use. Leaf spring failures can also involve a crack or full break of one or more leaves, but their mounting points, brackets, and U-bolts can fail as well. No matter what the issue, our expert team is capable of repairing and rebuilding our customers’ leaf springs, helping customer avoid buying new leaf springs, when possible. We take pride in providing maximum value to our customers, whether its repairing, rebuilding, or reconditioning their existing springs.

Customers throughout the West have flocked to our Utah leaf spring shop—starting in Lindon and now in Payson—for more than half a century. If you need custom leaf springs or leaf spring repair services, we encourage you to contact us today or call our headquarters at (801) 465-4873 to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable team and get the process started.

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