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High quality products are a must here at Best Deal Springs and having used many different exhaust and emission system manufacturers both personally as well as commercially, we can confidently say that Dinex is one of the best manufacturer for exhaust and emission systems.

Dinex DPF products can be used for trucks, buses, vans, and industrial vehicles. Most other manufacturer outsource parts to China and various other countries for not up to par materials while Dinex produces more than 95% of all material for its complete exhaust systems – from turbo to tailpipe – including advanced emission technologies. The quality makes Dinex a leader amongst most respected original equipment manufacturer.

Dinex are a direct replacement for OEM DPFs.

Emission Technologies

Particulate filters and SCR cats installed into our muffler systems.

Insulation Techniques

Keeping heat where it should be. 800F inside and 250F outside


Lock seamed, stamped or welded units. We supply aluminized or stainless steel in 125 different sizes from our ouw tooling shop.

Flex Pipes & Bellows

Dinex offers our well-known 3S flex pipes. Additionally, we have developed a low-leakage flex hose for emission applications.



A complete range of low-leakage clamps “tight-fit”.

Exhaust Fittings

All fittings are made in-house for complete system supply.


Bends from 2″ to 6″ in aluminized or stainless steel.

Advanced Production

Advanced production from techniques ensure our parts work over long distances and times.

We produce our ceramics, coatings, and formed metal in-house to ensure every part going out the door meets our standards. Dinex employs processes to reduce the number of weilds and joints to create longer lasting products.

Standards Driven

Dinex is ISO 9001 certified, as well as holding a number of international certifications.

DPFs – Diesel Particulate Filters

Cleaner Exhaust 

Diesel particulate filters(DPF) are closed filters, that remove diesel particulate mass (PM) and particulate number (PN) from exhaust gasses. DPFs, in most cases, work in connection with an oxidation catalyst. Typically the regeneration process is controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which measures back pressure for the right data for regeneration. Regeneration is ensured by an exhaust temperature of around 570- 750 F. Dinex DPFs use a unique mix of precious metals wash coat and substrate to turn soot into EPA acceptable exhaust. Dinex emissions systems have been tried and tested to meet or exceed the standards set out by manufacturer.

Exact Fit: Exact Fit for all models.

EPA 07: Meet or exceed OEM reductions in particulate matter

Built to Last: High grade stainless steel used in canning

Made in USA: Filters are coated and canned at our Dublin, GA facility

Proven Technology: More than 30,000 Dinex DPF systems installed around the world


Some of the products we have are:







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