Old Leaf Springs Sagging Your Truck?

Have you noticed your truck sagging in the back end? The majority of trucks are actually raised a couple of inches in the rear to accommodate for any weight in the back of the truck. If a heavy load in your truck bed weighs your truck down too much, it could cause your headlights to lift, obscuring your view of the road and blinding oncoming traffic.  If your truck is lower on the back end or is even level, there’s an issue.

What causes it? There could be several reasons to look to, but it’s likely that you’re dealing with old leaf springs. If your truck is sitting low, so are your leaf springs. Before you decide if that’s the case, let’s look at the various things that can cause this:

  1. The vehicle has been overloaded or overstressed. This can happen quickly or over time, depending on how often and much it’s overloaded.
  2. If you’ve used a front leveling kit, this can cause the front of your truck to sit higher than the factory ride height and make your back end dip. Consider adjusting.
  3. If you’ve lifted your truck, this can also lead to improper vehicle ride height due to the wear it causes on some vehicle components.
  4. You may have a simple tire inflation issue. Check your air pressure and adjust accordingly.
  5. Your springs or springs that are too light for the application.
  6. Leafs have broken in your spring pack. Either replace the broken leaves or buy a new leaf spring.

Don’t think it’s any of these causes? Then it’s likely you just have old leaf springs. When springs get fatigued or worn out over time, they tend to lose their natural arch. An Add-a-Leaf kit can help you restore some of that lost ride height. Best Deal Springs can also re-arch, repair, or build up your old leaf springs if you see a need. Got questions or are interested in our help? Contact us during normal business hours Monday through Friday at 1-800-344-2854 to get your truck back in shape.

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