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At Best Deal Spring and Truck Parts, we believe that you deserve the best quality and safest products for your trucks. Whether you are looking for performance parts or new accessories to give your truck that look, you can trust Best Deal Spring and Truck Parts to provide you with what you desire. We have a vast selection of options available from some of the best manufacturer.

Best Deal Springs & Truck Parts has been serving the light and heavy duty truck parts for over 65 years, fast shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Today we’ll be looking at the products available by the manufacturer:

Premier Manufacturing Co.


Premier provide the best quality and safest products for your trucks with an outstanding subset of original products with innovative design, driven by customer needs. You will find a selection of options in full range of trailer components.


Couplings/Pintle Hitches

Couplings that can be used by utility companies, construction, agricultural and military operations will all benefit from Premier Couplings. Choose from a full range of Premier Couplings/Pintle Hitches that will best suit the requirements of your application. Premier Manufacturing Co. manufacture light, medium and heavy duty components. The maximum trailer weight for these couplings can go from 20,000 lbs to 170,000 lbs.

Premier’s Slack Reducing System was specifically designed to improve drivability and reduce wear.


Here are some of our Premier Coupling parts/kit available for purchase:

Drawbar Eyes

Premier Drawbar Eyes has excellent wear resistance that lasts year after year and increases the life service of the eye loop. Premier’s Induction Through-Hardening hardens the outer surface, all the way to the eye loop causing a dramatic increase in extending its life cycle. A complete offering of induction hardened drawbar eyes provide unsurpassed wear resistance in many bolt on, weld on and swivel mounted applications.

Here are some of our Premier Drawbar Eyes available for purchase:


Premier Jacks are time savers by allowing the jack to be lowered to the ground or raised into the retracted position without having to crank the handle. Premier pioneered this design with speed of use as focal point which results in the jacks vastly outperforming other in its class. The Premier Jack has been engineered using the stringent specifications as well as designed for long life with minimal maintenance.

Quick action, spring-activated, folding handle keeps the handle short and out of the way. Strong precision fit tubing also helps reduce outside contaminants.

Here are some of our Premier Jacks available for purchase:


Premier Front End Housings are designed to complement our swivel drawbar eye offerings by providing easy to install, secure attachments of various front end shapes.


Premier Hinge Assemblies are all hingle assemblies provide for adjustment at the pivot point, which allows for application specific resistance to be set easily as well as take up any bushing wear that occurs over the years. 


Premier has created many accessories that can be used to make your life easier as well as improve the durability and performance. For example, to determine wear limits, Premier created Wear Gages that help judge the useful life of couplings and drawbar eyes. These gages are easy to use and are a must for maintanance managers and safety personnel.

Premier’s Drawbar Guides act as an aid to operators when hooking up equipment. These guides are cast from high strength steel and are easily installed by welding. Premier Air Chambers are built to last in the rigorous service of coupling and drawbar connections.

Parts kit, wear gages, drawbar guides and safety chain attachment points are just some of the various Premier accessories that are in our inventory. These accessories are designed to provide you with easy to use, process improvement, peace of mind components.

Here are some of our Premier Accessories available for purchase:


Take a look at our some of our web listed products at Premier Product

For a look at many other products available in our inventory for Premier Products take a look at the Premier Catalog

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