19516-111 Watson and Chalin Manual Lift Axle Control Valve

The 19516-111 is a genuine Watson & Chalin replacement lift axle control valve. It is used to lift, and drop the lift axle on a trailer. It is common in manual applications where an electrically operated (automatic up) feature is not necessary. Mostly used on ridgid, non steerable lift axles. The 19516-111 is a manually controlled valve with 2 dedicated ports for the lift airbags, and 2 dedicated ports for the load air bags. It also contains a supply air port, a control air port, and a load gauge air port. The valve can be controlled by a manual push-pull valve like the Watson & Chalin 17524.

See also-

990021 Manual up & down dash mount, regulator & gauge.

ACK55 – Manual up & down complete control panel kit.

(These are common on non steerable lift axles)

For an automatic lift valve see-

19516-711 – Automatic lift axle control valve

ACK52 – Automatic up, manual down control panel kit

(These are commonly found on steerable lift axles. The automatic feature lifts the axle when the truck is put into reverse to avoid damage to the lift axle.)


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19516-111 Watson & Chalin Manual Lift Axle Control Valve

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