Hutchens 16158-01 Fabricated Equalizer

The 16158-01 is a genuine Hutch equalizer made in the USA. It fits Hutchens 9600/9700 series suspensions. The 16158-01 has a 12″ spread, and is made of fabricated steel. The 16158-01 is one of the most common fabricated equalizers found on heavy duty semi trailer suspensions today.

1-1/8″ bolt hole

For a complete bolt kit that fits this equalizer see – HUT 16353-01


Part#: 16158-01
Vendor: HUTCH
SKU: HUT1615801.

Hutchens 16158-01 Fabricated Equalizer 12″

09-3066  (BTC)
16158-01  (HUT)
CS71103  (MID)
E-5219  (EUC)
H220  (FLG)
HRP241  (MID)
M-3482  (BWP)
SC2637  (LDG)
25-703  (WES)
25-703PU  (WES)
338-886I  (LEW)
EQ019  (ARJ)
H220I  (FLG)
QH-203  (UCF)
S1042  (DAL)
SH1048  (SIR)
E-7532  (EUC)
E-9567  (EUC)
EQ53-35158  (ATR)
SH1048U  (SIR)
338-886 (DAY)
338-886E (DAY)
338-886S (DAY)
338-886U (DAY)
338-886X (DAY)

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Weight 21.95 lbs
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