Ecco 47″ Streetlazer LED Vehicle Safety Lightbar

    Ecco 47″ Streetlazer LED Vehicle Safety Lightbar


    Part#: 10-00047-E
    Vendor: ECCO
    SKU: ECC1000047E.

    The 10 Series lightbar offers the choice of either TIR optic or Reflective LED modules. TIR optics use a lens over the LED to direct light in a more focused beam while reflective LEDs use a mirrored coating to disperse light at a wider angle to provide greater 360° coverage. This low profile lightbar combines high intensity LED warning with low profile styling and a roof hugging shape. The large end section also provides enhanced warning to the corners and sides of the vehicle and allows for the inclusion of the LEDisector and Cleversector multifunction lights. The 10 Series lightbar features an aluminum base and clear, polycarbonate housing with an encapsulated power supply to provide strength, durability, and protection against the environment.

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    Weight 30.00 lbs
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