Monroe M65416 Shock absorber

Gas Magnum 65 series shock.

It is a proven fact that today’s suspension components last longer if a good shock absorber is maintained on a vehicle. In today’s modern suspensions using air bags, and full taper springs it is critical. Changing your shock absorbers is highly recomended any time you replace your leaf springs or airbags on your suspension. The Monroe® Gas-Magnum® 65 shock absorber is the first gas-charged, large bore shock that has been designed for air spring and taper leaf suspensions. It uses a nitrogen gas charge to  provide a fast response essential for today’s heavy truck suspension systems. It has an extra-large piston bore which is engineered to handle the demands of high mileage and severe use.

Top and bottom mounts – 3/4″ bolt holes, 1-3/4″ wide

(LS54- rubber bushing and steel sleeve)

Compressed length – 12.00″

Extended length – 17.25″

Travel – 5.25″



Part#: M65416
SKU: DAYM65416.

Monroe M65416 Shock absorber

Dust shield – Yes

Controls – Rebound 1045, Compression 407

Cross References

65416 / F65416 / M65416 / A85000 / D65416 / 85323 / 89436 / 22064489 / 74079 / A20002 / A20126 / S20002 / A20889 / S20889 / S20126 / 8220644890 / 8220642330 / 1288503 / 1270563B000 / 1270563B003

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Weight 7.30 lbs
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