Why is my truck leaning to one side? We have the solution!


“Why is my truck leaning to one side?”  –  Likely it is due to old, fatigued or even a broken leaf spring.

That’s a common question, one we at Best Deal Springs hear often. Honestly, it has several answers. Vehicles are made to be balanced, not only for the sake of appearance, but for proper performance. When your truck is out of balance, that’s a clear indication that there’s an issue somewhere. It’s an issue that can have many causes, though, so it often leaves people scratching their heads. In our experience, the most common culprit is a broken leaf spring, but since there could be multiple causes, let’s work our way there. Your truck lean could be a result of one of the following problems:


  1. Your vehicle has been in a wreck. This can cause your frame to bend or manipulate your suspension components, messing with your truck’s balance.
  2. You’ve got worn out components. It could be your cab mounts, suspension, or spring bushings.
  3. Your tires are inflated improperly. Check each tire’s pressure.
  4. You’ve got static loads on one side of the truck. This happens particularly on heavy work vehicles. You can often clear this up by adding a leaf to only one side of the vehicle.
  5. Your vehicle has been lifted. This can wear down your truck’s components and lead to improper vehicle ride height.
  6. You have broken leaves in your leaf spring. This is the most common reason you truck is leaning. The leaves can usually be replaced; however, it could be more cost efficient just to replace the spring. We recommend replacing springs in pairs. Otherwise, you may be left with a new imbalance as a result of a new spring on the one side.


Your vehicle leaning is an annoying issue, but there is a cause and a solution. If you eliminate all other reasons and find that you have a broken leaf spring, give us a call. Best Deal Springs can re-arch, repair, and build up your leaf springs. To discuss your issue and see what our team can do about it, contact us during normal work hours Monday through Friday at 1-800-344-2854.


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  1. Rick January 19, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Had this same problem! Turned out I had a broken leaf on my Toyota Tacoma Pickup truck. The guys at Best Deal Springs got me all fixed up. Just put new leaf springs on my Toyota pickup – They did a great job!

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